How our subconscious game work

If we understand how our subconscious mind plays, then it’s a very easy to understand ourselves.

First I wanna say that what we do, we express is all of our subconscious gaming.

Let’s understand as gaming because in a game there are two players, one is ourself and one is our opponent which is our subconscious. Ok.

Consciousness is our first- half of our subconscious. Like in a car gaming, subconscious is a power of car or bhp and consciousness is there power steering.

Newton’s third law, every action there is opposite reaction.

So it’s depend on our conscious repetition, what our pros and cons. It takes time to understand or make it in our control.



Saint kabir

When when there is a problem in the world, there is misery or extreme suffering in the world, god sent his protector or a leader to this world. They are the light of God. Their leaders have soul filled with the light of God.

When talk about extraordinary soul, the friend of God, the leader of God, Kabir

Kabir was a 15th century mystic poet and a saint. Whose writing influenced on Hinduism and sikhism. Some scholars said that Kabir was born in a Muslim family, or some of say Kabir was born in the the city of varanasi , India the sacred place of Hindus.

From occupation Kabir was a Weaver he weaves a cloth on her house and he worship on her house without going to any temple, mosque. They thinks work is worship without going to anywhere you just worship the sacred Lord in your heart.

Kabir was well known for their poetry and philosophy

Kabir philosophy

Reading book after book the whole world died,
and none ever became learned!
But understanding the root matter is what made them gain the knowledge!

Kabir’s couplets suggest he was persecuted for his views, while he was alive. He stated, for example,

Saints I see the world is mad.
If I tell the truth they rush to beat me,
if I lie they trust me.

Keep the slanderer near you, build him a hut in your courtyard —
For, without soap or water, he will scrub your character clean.

Thank you

Don’t be too much kind to others.

Kindness is very good attribute of ourselves, or someone. Kindness give us a very special type of character in society. Kindness help to understand someone’s feelings, mind etc. Without kindness you may be a cruel or stone hearted person.

In real, kindness begins from our nature. If our nature is kind then we are really kind.

But in some instances kindness are like our self-made poison, which we take for others. Some takes it an advantage of that kindness. To hurt or disgrace that person.