Why did Human become slave to money?

From the existence of humanity human become greedy with there needs. Human doesn’t have any other way for fulfil their needs. The veil Falls on her eyes. The man doesn’t see anything except money. What does money means?

Is money is a living being . Is money has felling any emotion , any type of attachment. Except a piece of paper. So why human is possesive for it. Why they attach her feeling with money. Why we craving for it?

Because we have no answer we all are stucked in trap of money. Money trapped us so strongly that we forget our relations , we forget our values, we forget humanity humanity which is an expired word, which we completely forgot the humanity name thing. The thing beyond that we forget ourselves that what we are, what we come to do here, what our role on this planet . We have completely stolen the value of human being.

Too be continued…..


Why India lags in the world?

So when we talk about our motherland there was many aspects which we want to cover? Some of them are positives and some are negatives.

If we take a look on our world , on our continents, on our countries. We see that there are many countries which is not very old by historically, but some are very old and civilized. Like let’s see an example

Us discovered by Columbus around 1492 which was now a time around 530 years ago to discover US 🇺🇸 and around 1600 colonies of other europeans established. And on the other hand India the most oldest and civilized country in the world.

That’s where the difference you seen. Starting from indus valley civilization one of the oldest civilization in the world . What latest news say that it’s about 8000 years old civilization in the world. If we talk about education. On that time education was setup in ancient India. taxila the oldest and first university in the world around 3000 years old.

That’s the information about ancient India that is very setup and advance country in the world. But now the time of technology, the time of industrial era, the modern times. The big question is that why India lags in the world? Undoubtedly Us 🇺🇸 is the superpower of world and the largest economy in the world. But i doesn’t compare us to india Or vice versa but at least there were a name of that country which suits on all behalf and stands in all aspects. Which a powerful country have?

Yup! But that’s the positive things about india. Let’s see some negatives of India. One of the biggest disadvantages of that country is the population population is one of the biggest obstacle for India.

In my opinion 2nd factor responsible for India’s lag from the world is religion. no doubt indian people are very religious but the factor that causes major problem in India is blind faith. We Indians respect all religions but we only focuses on our religions customs. Which also causes indians to take us away from our duty. Duty for our socity, for our country.

If you see in Asia china the most poulated country in the world. But it’s area is bigger than India. And it’s development for their country is phenomenal.

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India-pakistan relations? Is there any solution.

This has been a 73 years of bad time india Pakistan partition. Basically I belong to India that’s why I choose this topic. Our grandparents today also know the bad reality of partition. Around 1 million (10 lakh)in Indian people died in this massacre.

Millions of migrated from one nation to another. The Muslims are migrated to Pakistan and hindu, sikh goes to India. After that around 73 years both of them become worst enemy of each other.

On what basis the partition is! Because of religion some were Muslims, and some were hindu, sikh. That is why? the bloody massacre held.

Ok. Let’s move on to the present scenario. Today if we see the conditions of both nations both were disagree with each other. Why both nations can’t agree with their policies? Because they were chained with the name of religions. Muslims says we are right and hindus say we’re.

So What’s the final solution for the nation’s. I think you know some of little bit history of India -pak there culture there traditions, people and religion in both of nation are same. However the number of Muslim in Pakistan is doubled in India. So where’s the difference come? Both of the policies of their government’s are not very liberal. Both government’s of nations played a bad politics on the name of religion. If they seriously want to solve all these problems in near future, they have to be in front of each other. And both want to be agreed with their policies without any type of excuses of religion. That’s where the dispute will be solved.

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What is real spirituality

Ok first of all i want to ask that what is spirituality if you answer then comment below.

I my opinion what actually spirituality is? what does a person mean to be spritual or is that a person is only be a spritual no one else will be spritual ? Can nature not have a right to be a spritual. That’s a point where we want to think is this justify. Why we selfish humans impose to be that human is only the spritual.

Ok I have that answer who is real spritual or what is spirituality. Spirituality has nothing to do with humans, nature and religion. Spirituality is far behind all of this. Spirituality means spirit or soul and soul is only gods property or simply say God has the right over the soul. And the soul which we think or see in pictures that is not what we are talk about soul defines to be inner light of humans.

What does light means? What is the function of light? It means light makes us to awaken our soul and the function of light is to remove the darkness. So what we understand that soul is light and light removes darkness. That’s means to be a person spritual. Actually when go historically all religion have some little bit of spirituality. But we talk about spirituality is nothing about religion. Religion only teaches you the rules and regulation and how to live properly in socity. But is this spirituality have role in society? No! Spirituality has only to do with your peace of mind to encounter your ego. To see the gods attributes in humans. Whoever the person in the path of spirituality will seen God’s attributes in him. That’s the real spirituality.

God’s attributes is seen in all of our universe. But specially human has advantage to seen this. That’s why in India there is a proverb ” That the God resides in human heart”.

Okay I think you will understand some little spirituality from me. Thank you.

Let’s take look at these spritual quotes ……

What the reality of depression

The time of technology , the time of Luxuries, the time of money, and also the time of depression?

Yes! I want something to know that what depression really means that you have enough money, enough luxury, enough comfort? Is this we called a form of depression or simply the depression .

Actually the main problem of the human from their existence is that there attached with things like that materilistic, or some kind of emotion, feeling, something a wish which he cannot take or not satisfied with their life.

One we back from 2500 years ago the son of king named gautam who was very wise from her nature and when he start realising everything in this world is temporary and at last all will be die. And when gautam got young his father married her with beautiful princess of another kingdom but after that they won’t to leave there intention. They feel very stressed they don’t slept at night. And one day gautam decide to leave her kingdom and at that night without telling anyone he leaved. And after that they go to different monasteries for seeking for the truth of life and after that they choose a jungle and there was a tree where he start devotion for enlightenment. Where gautam decides either he knows the truth or he will die. After 12 years of devotion they were enlightened and now gautam become buddha .

So at last the conclusion that attachment is the root of all suffering . So we must enjoy our life either to attach with it.

Thank you

How to start our career journey

During our age of teen when we start growing and we wanna start our new life in a society. A society of different types some type of class and some type of caste some other types etc. based on which country we have born but specially I wanna focusing my own country my birthplace India which is classifying on base of culture, tradition, religion, which society was divided in different caste, class, religion, etc?

So I want you to understood that a society which we live in different fields, how to grow up from these types of restrictions. First and last I want you to simply tell that whatever you want to do, you just simply do it. It doesn’t mean that what our parents say and and what society says you just act on the basis of your own intrest.

If you think that society will force to don’t you do that and our your parents also encourage it then you will stuck and you trapped in your own mind. That’s the biggest problem of our teenagers. I want you to only clarify that what is the real meaning of carrer . Carrer doesn’t meant to be the trend of a society or some other things to doing by the parents for the your future?

Career means something new which helps for our development for our society status which leads to a revolution . Like I waana show to some of the biggest example of all time

That’s why I wanna give you a few examples of some parts of the world. That’s itself a very prestigious thing in our life.

So I don’t want to force people for your carrer . It’s our own decision but we just take a look our present scenario from where the world’s growth begin

So at last I just waana say that why we indians don’t do that because we think we are superior from others or something different that we don’t wanna move from our stucked mind?

Thank you