Perfection is not necessary

When we thought about perfection what strikes in our mind. That make something complete or wanna 100% perfect. Whatever we do or what we are we must me perfect or absolute.

Ok let’s be straightforward, there is no one who will be God because it is the only one who are absolute. Ya I talk straight, whatever other people think. Why I compare, no one in this universe have whole good attributes.

So acc to my view no one is perfect if we forcefully persuade our mind, people or whole world.everyone have some demerit.

The truth is it’s not a inferiority complex or a type of ego. But that’s mind game, how our mind 😏 trapped ourself to the web of perfection. Our mind do whatever we thinks. Just simple, but when we become diplomatic there’s the games turns to mind. If majority of people stucks, but one of them pass that out then if all of them will be anti of him/her. Then there will be no affect on that. Where the person needs no perfection.

Where the person needs Completeness. That’s there attitude, whether he will right or wrong in society.

It’s just depend on state of mind.


Fear, the other side of love

Love has many sides but one of them fear, is also includes. The others grief, happiness, solitude, jealousy means when all emotion mixed it makes love.

Love is the ultimate emotion we say or love is something which explore everything it’s our conscious or subconscious. Its only aim to conquer our mind. Specifically subconscious is a root of our mind set. Mind set is something which is something beyond our limits.

Love is name of unlimited possibility. That’s where we call it a law of attraction. Attraction is first layer of Love.last one is sanity. To go beyond all your understanding.

Fear is the indication of love that we love or attracts. Without it it’s senseless. Fear makes a person attentive and more sharper mind. Fear is to win love perfectly and peacefully..

Thank you

Challenge your destiny.

Is it possible to challenge your fate. Is it real or it’s a illusion. Is this happen in world or it’s just a coincidence.

God has planned everything in advance. God creation gives us a type of synochrocity secretly. But what happens in real.

Is this happen acco to our thoughts, understanding and feelings. The mixture of these three things will lead to our destiny.

Destiny make our path more clearer, but is it true that everything is preplanned good for everyone.

No that much, I think some destiny will make for a person past karma which happens on the sinful life we live. And some for the good one happens on a blissful life.

To challenge your destiny, you need only a type of awakening, which leads to ultimate power (consciousness).

Consciousness helps to decide whatever you do regardless of good, bad it safeguard from consequences.wheather good or bad result.

To start think good and understand what we think realizing the situation.


Love is hard!

I think the most toughest and hard thing is to do love.

The tears of lover Will define the intensity of lover, how much he loves her beloved.

Love is nothing but patience. And patience &love are both equal in all aspect.

Love can’t understand by thought ,it define itself. Love can’t be measure it just flow in all our body with full emotions.

In love person disgrace of himself and make fun by the people. In front of her beloved. No one will understand the intuition of her.

Because lover doesn’t have any excuse to the people who make fun, and also the beloved one. And also beloved were unknown from her lover’s pain. They just see same as common.

Lover die at every moment of beloved love. Lover intoxicated in the poison of love.

Love for the love is like sweet poision and they just swallow regardless of anyone.

Love is like a fire and lover burn inside itself, every breath. Every person in this field Will suffer in this alive death. Lover dies in this alive life and can’t forgive in this field.

There is no thing like true love, it want to make it true. True love is just an illusion, and make it true is a reality.

The reality is just opposite to lovers understanding, thoughts and feelings. No matter lovers meet each other, they just wait or unknown from them. Every moment from them is sake of love.

What is ego and how it hides reality of man

Ego in my term is a lie store in our heart. In which we make our big identity on base of ego. Ego defines person attitude, status and respect. And without it man is just an empty mind. No any good or bad attributes

Man use term for human, he/she without any biases. Ego is something like a reality covers with Fakesness and illusion.

The main difference is hearts is it’s theory and mind it’s practicality. Without theory there no practical, and without having practical experience we doesn’t trust it.

The reality of man is uncovered in the man’s hearts and without breaking it we can’t open the truth.


Time vs truth

Time vs truth means time against of truth. And truth is the only thing which doesn’t need any support, sympathy, and justify. Truth is king in itself and time is their criminal.

Time effort to safeguard from Truth to possess the world. And truth don’t want it happen. Truth want change or revolution in time for beeter world.

The big question what does it justify? Time is the humans guilt which makes it sinful. And truth is the humans reality which makes human sacred.

Truth doesn’t want any time to justify yourself. Time is the ultimate one from beginning to end. It doesn’t bow in front of time. Time is powerful for worldly and truth for real and spiritual person, who challenge time in the life. And start rebellion for own life.

Worldly people misleads the truthful person, but spiritual persons who enlighten from it, will not care the time.

Thank you

What past and why present?

If you see in your life, there is two illusive thing. One is past and other is present. Because past hurts the most and present fears it. The past which teaches the present and the present which teaches fulfilment in life, total finishing.

Why I don’t talk on future because future is unpredicted. We can’t finalize our time. But the present have the ability to fix it. If you live present pleasantly that there some attributes of future and know what’s happening. That sort like a spiritual power.

Live in present moment is only aims to solve all problems. No matter how big is, how much time present moment we learn to love, we love to live present moment. There’s the deep link between it. Love vs present life. We can’t seprate it without understanding.

That’s why rumi says”Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you. Stop acting so small.”

Thank you