What is spiritual nature?

Spiritual nature is about abolishing fakeness and falsehood. Adopting conscious and execute in life .

Spiritual doesn’t mean to meditation, having spiritual appearance, worshipped God.

Spiritual nature means to worship your inner self and trained how to worship truly.

In spirituality we just focuses on one thing, that’s consciousness. Because consciousness is ultimate intelligence of human. The fact is mind is just one layer of consciousness. The conscious is all about a peak of mountain. We want to succeed it. No matter what other is, and what they think, the person with spiritual nature only focuses their truthfulness and having a real existence means present moment.

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What is mind and why we study it as Physcology?

In my opinion, that’s not a physcological view. Mind is all having a state of mind. Means mind=mind.if we take two person one is very fightee nature and other is decent in nature and then there’s will be friendship between them. That called a state of mind.

Collecting that knowledge that we relates to mind as we called it philosophy. Mind is like an unbeaten power, which we can’t defeat without having knowledge. Because knowledge gives you a Confindence which person are ready for it. State of mind relates to power which leads to politics. This state of mind is like ignoring oneself,is opposite to consciousness it only happens when we ignore everything. I mean to say If we are conscious but there will be benefit of ignoring, and if we not then conscious will be useless.

So mind relates to Newton’s third law. Every action there is equal and opposite reaction.

Buddhism say “when you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to what’s happening that’s where your power is.

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Life of struggler

One who laughs, one who disgrace and other one will make fool.

That’s the struggler, the conclusion on life of Struggler. Everybody makes joke on a man who struggle in his life. The clever people think fool, arrogant will think dumb and double minded person take advantage.

No one will respect that, no one have kindness for that. No one think good of that. Everyone mislead to that person.

In my perspective struggle is not what we do a full time work or a struggle for our family, or for livelihood. Struggle means to fight with ourselves for sake of good future, peace and most important self respect. In struggle you don’t gain respect, you earn it. Because that’s the time where you knows your true value of yourself. No other will earn this, only you will fight it.

Struggling is not bad thing, but struggling by own is most cruel thing in the world. Why? Because struggling oneself is the only factor for your true potential. In this you sacrifices your willingness and your character, what are you are what not is not a part of that.

Every person who struggle by own will only survive if he ready to surrender. Because without losing you never succeed, that’s the language of struggle


Two sided love

Two sided love is love which we call a complete love. In which both lovers love each other and there is beautiful bonding between them. Love without two sides is incomplete and love for one sided is like a punishment or it’s like a prison. If you think every two sided love is complete, than it’s wrong. Without any justification, there’s no reality of real love. It wants sacrifices, if one will disloyal, there is no love more than a fool. Only love stands on the foundation of faith, otherwise it will finished.

One sided love is different story, in one sided there is no expectations, no matter the other one knows that feeling. But it’s very critical thing, it’s very extremely hard to love one side. There is no lover in today’s world who was a one sided player. All wants equal sides playing, no one loses the games, everyone wants to win without caring others. The one sided lover is very a complicated nature, simply say a follish a bullshit and disgraceful person. So it’s very rare to watch this type of character. Everyone wants cleverness in this game to be with physical or have a time passing.

But the problem is no one who claimed to true lover. Every have fake appearance of that. The conclusion is the difference between the truth and lying is love.

There is no love in world, no emotion, no thought, no any materialistic, no any kind of clevernrss. Love is simple and clear like a pure water.

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Knowledge is power

Power means not to economical, political or social. Knowledge defines a person identity about impactful,toughened and most important consciousness.

The three things if person must have an absolute physnality of macho man. I thought money is not very superior thing, if person is conscious about yourself. Because money doesn’t match with a man, specially if we have knowledge. Money is only to do with materialistic. The power for knowledge is ultimate weapon of everything. You know what the interesting thing the conquered people in world is must find knowledge of everything and then they see in as realistic things. Which makes her a powerful strategy, without any Fearfulness.

The value of that money for that person’s like a business robots which it doesn’t dominate on her mind. Knowledge makes a person vision clear and make it an Undoubtfull.

In today world more you have knowledge, means more you aware. In US, Europe people more aware of ourselves compare to India. Indian people more focus on dependability not as self focused. Indians don’t want to take their responsibility as own because of their unawreness, and have blind faith on their customs without see it as reality.

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How God meets.

There is one person in our life which we love the most, and when there is separation in both of them, there’s a disaster happen, where both will find to each other. But when there is nothing happens, no one find to each other, then the lover or beloved finds gods. After that thousands of troubles when they find god and God will impress by his love, where the connection starts with God, the person which it will finds is no more to search it. Then the connection between you and god is priceless and where you go away from that person, but it will naturally come to you and meets with.

There is a spiritual answer between that knowledge, god is nothing only to find your true self, where you meets with that energy and the person which you will love is responsible for that unification. No any other power meets you with God without love. Only one person, true twinflame one soul two bodies is lovable, attachment is different like our soulmates friends, relatives, family. But love is with one because God and love are not two, they are oneone. You leaves all your link for the world for sake of that one person. Where you lost yourself to one.

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Why human mind is undefeated?

God give human mind to think, understand, and answering, but what human mind is, what it wants, what it aims, why it want to win world insted of ourselves, which is undefetable.

So why there’s difference why some called dumb or mad mind, or some genius mind. Why I compare, because to understand mind’s nature, what it wants. The answer is simple, there is nothing that minds want, the root of that mind is completeness, from conscious or subconscious. There’s no other difference.

There is nothing that’s undefetable, everything conqured with one weapon, it’s not a nuclear or missile system, there’s a weapon for mind that conquers it. That is love, love defetes everything. There is nothing that lose it, even also God will not meet without it. Love completes all and statisfied with peace.

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Is rich, poor God’s planning or man made?

I wondering in myself, I thought a question in my mind why rich poor? Then I see people’s intention about rich, poor there is very huge gap in today’s world. No any point regarding the rich person, all will respect and it’s a nature’s custom, poor will be curse in society.

Sometimes I thought why God create all kind of bulshit like this, it’s really a God’s planning, some wealthier says this is created by God, for false sympathy to poors, and I personally thought, why God create this kind of stuff like this, I am not a rich person, I also belong to a weak community in India.

I am not a philospher, but as a thinker, its true that human nature from mankind will be rubbish and thirsty, the main question is why we blame every problem to God, why don’t we self understand this, God only creates this creation and man creates differences. So it’s prove that that is an act of human and God will not responsible for that, only man will do this a right and in wrong way. Man claims to be the dangerous creature in this planet

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Punishment of love?

Love punish all lovers equally, no one will safeguard from this punishment. Every lover in the this path must attain troubles in their journey. Because the journey of love is very hardest journey in the world. No lover is beyond that journey every lover will go through this journey. There will an exam of that lover, and not every lover will pass that exam, whether he fails or pass it everyone face that punishment.

What is the punishment? Punishment of patience,surrender your own will, die in your own inside, against our intellect, must have an appearance of madness, disgracing your self, without caring world, suffers pain every moment it like horrible than punishment. There’s no relief in it, there’s no appeal

The punishment in this journey is not for everyone, one who endure this will succed, Only one knows , who was in that journey. No one claim to be lover without that punishment.

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This is not completely my own views, this blog is based on behalf of Sufism.


Leadership is the one in which we have the ability to lying or to having truth. Leadership in which a person must have an character of a unsuccessful person, because an unsuccessful person have an ability to succesfull. It doesn’t matter a person qualification or any political relations. If person must have a power to think on the basis of circumstances, it will have an elements of leadership. A person leadership varies weather a person is perfect or not, if it is not then there is a leadership of wrong politics. Adolf hitler, sadddam hussain, Vladimir Lenin are persons who faced failures in her life. And the struggle for that failure will lead to her inner power of leadership. Leadership doesn’t Matter a person rich or poor, the interesting fact the leadership born people mostly in poor conditions. Because politics doesn’t have any relationship with money and respect.

In concludes the person have guts to speak truth or thinks on truth differs b/w truth or fakeness is a nature born leader.

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